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We are pleased to announce that as of 1st December 2020, we have entered  into a new, exclusive representation agreement with iMEMS Technology Srl, who are designing and producing high end Inertial Measurement Units IMU and MRU, a hybrid system that combines FPGA & DSP Processor to obtain an extreme high performance with fast processing time.

Motion sensor accurately measures dynamic positioning, roll, pitch, heave motion, velocity, acceleration and angular orientation, for any rig or vessel on which it is fitted.


                   Vessel sensor Aurora


Can significantly increase the safety level during critical operations and can also be used to collect data for later analysis for statistics purposes as well as storing data for incident and accident investigations.                    Vessel motion is the main limiting operational and safety parameter when operating vessels offshore.                Accurate Motion Monitoring during critical operations can increase the operational window significantly.            It can be the main factor leading to a successful operation.

The VMMS will allow the user to monitor and focus on motion parameters rather than significant wave height as the main limiting factor.Interfaces to a range of sensors for accurate monitoring of any point on a vessel.

Typical Applications

  • Motion compensation of single and multi-beam echo sounders (survey)
  • Orientation and attitude measurements on AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicle) and ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicleUSBL underwater positioning
  • High speed craft motion control and damping systems
  • Heave compensation of offshore cranes
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Hydro acoustic positioning
  • Ship motion monitoring
  • Ocean wave measurements
  • Antenna motion compensation and stabilization
  • Sub-bottom profilers
  • Helideck Monitoring system
  • Offshore platform
  • Heave Monitoring
  • Hull Stress Monitoring
  • Crane De-rating

General Characteristics

  • Small size and light weight (Aurora sensor is smaller comparing to its competitors in the Marine Industry)
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy and fast push-pull connector
  • Available in Titanium Enclosure providing high strength, low density and corrosion resistance for harsh environments applications.
  • For weight critical applications, Aluminum Enclosure is also available.
  • All Aurora connectors are IP68 rated.
  • Motion Sensor is supplied with a data distribution unit, cables and Mac or Windows-based user configuration software.

Customized Options

  • Output parameters can be customized according to the user need.
  • Available in different type of connectors.
  • Aurora comes with different cable length based on the customer’s need.
  • Aurora Control panel allows for different customized protocol.
  • Aurora combines FPGA and DSP Processor, an advanced distributed parallel calculation algorithm that delivers the maximum performance of the unit.
  • An FPGA based sigma-delta modulator allows for minimum Sampling Rate of 3kHz.
  • Available in both OEM and enclosed package.
  • Aurora is an industrial ethernet capable sensor.
  • Automatic IP assignment using DHCP.

iMEMS Control Panel Software allows auto detect and easy configuration.


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