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We provide full range of spare parts through reliable CERTIFIED manufacturers all over the world (Europe, Japan, Korea, as well as China), and a variety of marine equipment, according to customers’ individual requirements, through:

  • Maker (Genuine parts)                                                                                                                                   (Representing in Greece, HP Marine Ltd, Authorized Sales Distributor of Anqing DAIHATSU DK-20)
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M. parts)
  • Sub-contractor
  • Alternative manufacturers
  • Specialized workshops producing high quality, certified, engine parts of crucial importance            (Valve seats & Spindle guides, Fuel injection pump, pump /barrels, nozzles,Cylinder liners, Pistons,                Crankshafts, Connecting rods, T/C Cartridges, etc)

at the most attractive prices, securing at the same time the best quality.

Where applicable, Class certificates will accompany supplied spares, on request.


-     Marine ICCP System and spare parts supply

-     Marine MGPS System and spare parts supply

-     Marine ICCP & MGPS Services and inspection

-     Overhauling/ repairs

Through our partners/workshops in China, we undertake to carry out overhauling /repair works on M/E & A/E authorized by Mitsuibishi & MES (with process of skimming, cleaning, pressure testing, parts replacing etc.)      Overhauling of Fuel injection system (Fuel injection pump, Fuel injectors, nozzles), through our partners in Europe.

-     After Sales Service

We remain at your service after delivery of spares and can provide you with assistance and adequate information, where needed, through our qualified and experienced partners.



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